Thursday, November 29, 2012

New beginnings

It's officially official! My permanent address is in D.C.! With the past 6 months of having my husband in D.C. working and prepping for me and Ava to come as I stayed back and finalized things; we are now "reunited and it feels so good!" Lol!
With the wonderful and constant support and packing help from "my person", Lauren, this moving situation wasn't as stressful as it could have been. Although I hit many walls of exhaustion and copped some attitude, Lauren still stayed around to help me work it all out! *thank you*!
My wonderful husband did such an amazing job painting our new place and loading, driving 10+ hours, unloading, returning trucks, going to work, AND still took me and Ava out on a date! I love you sweetheart!! *insert brownie points*!
Even though I am inundated with these boxes to unpack and I hit pockets of missing my mommy, it's so energizing to know that I am unpacking my future! Now don't get me wrong, moving to a whole new city is mortifying and intimidating; I'm going to have to put myself out there and meet new people, we are trying to find a new church home, and having to experience personal failures and triumphs. One thing remains true and that is we are so excited to live out the plans that we talked about even before we got married! Some people mentioned feeling like our move was so sudden, a lot of people are not aware that we have been faithfully praying about this move for 7 years! Plus, when God moves, the planning might be methodical, but the action is swift.
Every morning when I awaken, I have to remember where I am and then a feeling of terror sweeps my body and makes me feel like I'm going to faint because I realize how much responsibility God has trusted me with, then I get a wave of warm comfort because I realize how much responsibility God has trusted me with! So it really is all a matter of how I view everything! And I have to make the conscious decision to be positive, and when I can't, that's when I reach out to my inner circle that will and does encourage me!
Now all the praying and planning I've been doing for so long will be put to the test, but I've been studying and intend on passing with flying colors! Game on. God is love.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Intentionally intentional

What a busy couple weeks it has been! Very productive! As my time in Louisville quickly comes to a close, I find myself anxiously awaiting my arrival to D.C.!
A couple weeks back, my two friends John and Michelle Randolph dropped by my house to say "hi", what was supposed to be a quick visit, quickly turned into the entire afternoon! To say it was much needed would have been an understatement. The content of our conversation would probably not be deemed as "fun", but fun isn't all that friendship should entail. The conversation between the Randolphs, Lauren and I was the type of honesty most say they want in a friendship but never really do.
With a few initial awkward moments,everyones feelings were finally out and on the table and the findings were exactly what God orchestrated! The details of our conversation shall remain private only for the fact that everyone involved in the conversation was exactly who needed to be there, and others rely too much on "gossip" and "he-said-she-said" to decide how they'll treat another without going to the source in fear that it'll either be awkward or they'll be wrong. In friendship that should never matter, and this is my very public thank you to John and Michelle Randolph for being intentional!
At the end of the conversation, we all left with a tighter more honest bond and a better understanding of each other and what we are all personally going through.
It's comforting to know that even though I'll be in D.C., that I still have some (intentional) roots here that are willing to support me whether it helps them out socially or not.
In the end, it's not what or who is "on the scene" that should dictate the quality of friendship, but rather the hardest work, which is behind the scenes; rewriting, and editing. I am a firm believer in quality over quantity, because quality is what gets one edified. God is love.