Monday, June 10, 2013

Did someone say, Gelato?!

Last weekend I had a little quality time with my sister Wensa! We went to Georgetown and let me tell you, as amazing, cute and shop worthy as Georgetown is, finding a parking spot on a Saturday evening was like searching for a unicorn! After suggesting to Wensa that next time we come, we should come on a weeknight, she chuckled and informed me, that's just the way Georgetown is! After cracking up at the crazy cab drivers, finding a unicorn, I mean parking spot and pulling the old driver switcharoo so Wensa could use her master parallel parking skills (mine are still not tight space worthy!) our date continued.
 We had some yummy Italian food for dinner and met a sweet older couple that sat next to us as we all watched a group of prom goers leaving the restaurant, the gentleman next to us said. "When I went to prom, I rented my tuxedo for $12!" We thought that was pretty awesome! After dinner, we decided to walk off some of our calories, only to find more with some delicious artisanal gelato! Wensa had been before and suggested Dolcezza, I am not prejudice against ANY type of dessert, I'm just saying.
Let me tell you how great this gelato was! The flavors ranged from classic to unique and all were delicious! I'd say our sister date was a delicious success! Here's my review on Dolcezza! Enjoy, I know we did!

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